TweetRaining pretty hard this morning, so I took the T. The gf needed the car to drive to work, and my bike is just a little too nice to subject it to rain and dirt. There’s nothing like taking the green line B train a measly 1.7 miles to BC to make me realize how […]

TweetOur first (and only, so far) long road bike ride was during our camping trip near Old Orchard Beach, Maine, last year. The route (see map here) (and original source route here) started at our campground, ran along the beach, through Saco, and made a big loop among rolling hills and farmland near the Saco […]

TweetHey, good day to you, whoever is reading this. I’ve been biking in Boston for the last year, and have been a subscriber of BostonBiker for most of that time. I’ve lived here for just over a year, and I’m becoming more and more interested in the aspects of biking in the Northeast. My name […]