Hey, good day to you, whoever is reading this. I’ve been biking in Boston for the last year, and have been a subscriber of BostonBiker for most of that time. I’ve lived here for just over a year, and I’m becoming more and more interested in the aspects of biking in the Northeast.

My name is Matt, and I grew up in Alaska. After those 18 years, I left to spend 5 years in Boise, Idaho. Now I’ve moved East to graduate school at Boston College, meanwhile experiencing all that comes with urban living in New England.

I was a big mountain biker for most of my life. Boise Idaho, for those of you unfamiliar, is a pretty excellent city to live in for a mountain cyclist. An extensive trail system begins right at the edge of town, a mere mile from the downtown area and university. On one ride in the upper Boise foothills, I found a nice large fallen tree to play with:

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You might see that I’m riding a rather cheap Specialized Hardrock (Sport). I hadn’t yet invested much money into bikes, which is probably a good thing based on how they are treated on those trails. And I had a couple stolen. But I liked heavy bikes, since they gave me a good workout climbing those steep dry hills. I brought the Specialized with me to Boston, but without convenient mountain riding nearby, the bike wasn’t too useful. I then found a used Cannondale R700 with pretty good components. The speed of a road bike instantly hooked me.

Old Orchard Beach boardwalk, Maine.So now I ride in and around Brighton, mostly commuting but sometimes finding my way along the Charles, into Boston downtown, and up and down the hills of Newton. I love riding bike.


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